Open Plan Vs Closed Plan Staircase

Getting the most out of your hallway is an important part of designing your home, finding the balance between space, storage and style becomes the biggest balancing act of all. When it comes to the design of the stairs you have got to decide what the most important elements are to you.

With both styles providing the most popular styles of staircase, there wont be a worry of going off trend when making the decision, however it is a designing that needs to be made with your lifestyle and preferences in mind.

Go for an Open Plan Staircase

Going for an open plan staircase means your prioritised light and space above all other things, your goal is to keep a free flowing space where nothing is obscured or hidden.

This design can work well in modern free flowing homes, when you have created in interesting design aesthetic to your home you don’t want an obtrusive staircase to block your vision. When your home is a bustling place of energy an open plan staircase gives more room and also removes the barrier between occupants on both floor.

An open plan staircase should generally be joined by a glass balustrade, this continues the modern theme and creates the most space and vision possible.

Choose Closed Plan

A closed plan staircase provides the structured practicality that a lot of homes necessitate, giving storage space to those items that you need to hide away, such as your shoes and your coat.

A closed plan staircase that is cleverly designed can even give way to a understaffs WC, creating a more accommodating living space and adding extra value to your home.

Both off these styles can be equally used and utilised, but the decision is important depending on your living space as well as your lifestyle