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Bring grace into your Warrington home with a custom-made Edward & Hampson staircase. 

Stun your guests with our modern approach to classic designs, or incorporate rustic, intricate patterns into your personalised staircase. 

We’ve become one of the North West’s foremost joinery by listening to our customers and involving them in the process from start to finish. We’ll collaborate, considering your space, design preferences and budget. 

The result? A staircase that blends perfectly with your interior. Our manufacturers are dedicated to their craft and will use their carpentry expertise to guarantee reliable, sturdy construction. 

Edward & Hampson is highly prepared to take on your requests using the UK’s finest building materials. Whether working on a new build in Warrington or renovating a property, our timber delivers the premium quality Edward & Hampson customers are used to.

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Why Us for Stairs Warrington
white staircase, oak handrail and bottom step
Stairs Designed for You

Our Warrington staircase renovation is uniquely designed for you by our on site design team.

3D Staircase Preview

View your staircase in colourful 3D before the manufacture even takes place.

hardwood glass staircase, loft staircase
Stairs Tailored to your Space

When space is an issue, we look to maximise the room you have to get the best fit

Striving for Majesty

No matter the size or space we are working with, we will help you to maximise the space and create something special.

Staircase Renovations in Warrington

staircase refurbishment with turned spindles

It’s never too late to start a renovation journey. Your staircase is the beating heart of the home: often visible from the doorway, it’s likely the first feature that family, friends and guests set their eyes on. 

By working with Edward & Hampson, you can inject more architectural interest into your home. Our renovation services in Warrington will bring any outdated staircase into the 21st century in just 48 hours! 

Our 2-day servicing goal is designed to keep disruptions to a minimum. 

We can re-style your existing staircase to better match your changing tastes. You choose the right balustrades, spindles and bannisters, and we’ll install them. Tell us what colours you’d like your new staircase to be, and we’ll paint it. 

Or, we can start the project from scratch and create a bespoke staircase unlike any in the neighbourhood. No job is too big or small for Edward & Hampson, so we’re offering our customers in Warrington full access to our range of quality services. 

Staircase Renovations

Loft Staircases

loft staircase

Ensure secure access to your loft with Edward & Hampson’s personalised loft staircases. 

Loft rooms have many benefits for residential properties. Not only do they help you maximise space, but they can raise your home’s value, give you an excellent view of the neighbourhood and become a cosy, comforting space for the whole family. 

However, loft ladders only go so far. They are flimsier and more unreliable than a permanent staircase, making falls or accidents much more likely. At Edward & Hampson, we say: no more!

Using 3D imagery and CAD drawings, we can design and construct a loft staircase perfectly tailored to your home’s layout and space. 

Loft Staircases

Commercial Staircases Warrington

If you’re the proud owner of a retail property in Warrington, partner with Edward & Hampson for results you can count on. 

We’ll bolster your build with our joinery skills and craft a staircase that sets your business apart. Since 1971, we’ve formed long-lasting relationships with retail, industrial and residential companies across Warrington. 

You could be our next collaborative partner: we can create bespoke designs for residential developments with quick manufacturing and delivery, all in a time frame that suits you.

Commercial Joinery
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