Staircase Terminology

  1. Curtail Step – This is a feature step that raps around the staircase and will either meet into the side of the newel or into the side of a wall.
  2. Bull Step – A type of feature step that meets into the front of the newel.
  3. Stringer – The support for a staircase, this is where the treads and risers are embedded.
  4. Newel Post – Newel Posts are the large posts that signify the beginning and end of staircases, a change of direction or a change of elevation. They are also what can support parts of a staircase half or quarter landings for example.
  5. Spindles – The are the smaller posts that are between the handrail and stringer, they prevent anyone from falling from the staircase and also can be a source of elaborate decoration.
  6. Handrail – This is the piece of timber that sits on top of the spindles, it is for the people using the staircase to provide support.
  1. Tread – This is the part of a step that your foot will make contact with
  2. Riser – This is the vertical part of a step which is connected, at 90 degrees to the tread
  3. Stringer – These are what gives a staircase its shape and structure. these are usually on either side of a staircase and can come in different forms, a central string forms under the steps and is one as opposed to two, a cut string sits under the tread but perpendicular to the riser.
  4. Rise – This is the distance between one tread and the one above it.
  5. Going –  the distance between the rise and the nosing off the tread