Accoya Doors

As well as standard hardwoods and softwoods, at EHjoinery we can manufacture our bespoke front doors using Accoya timber, which offers the design and sustainability of timber, with the longevity and lack of maintenance that you would expect from plastic or aluminium front doors.

Use from sustainably managed Radiata Pine forest, Accoya timber undergoes a process of acetylation, which destroys the internals cells within the timber, preventing them from absorbing or releasing moisture, and preventing costly repairs or replacements in the future.

We are a certified Accoya manufacturer, certified through Accsys Technologies, and are fully trained and understand the best ways manufacturing methods in order to take advantage of the material. This means that the Accoya manufactured by us are upheld by the Accoya warranty, lasting for up to 50 years depending on the use case.

Using Accoya for your External Doors has a variety of benefits.

Long Lasting

Accoya has a guaranteed 50 year life span when maintained correctly, which gives great piece of mind when you are looking to create a forever home with a bespoke front door. This means that it wont warp or think.


Accoya as well as being long lasting is also exceptionally lightweight. This means that when creating bespoke front doors they are solid but stable, allowing them to stay square compared to weighty hardwood doors, or doors that have absorbed excess moisture.

Ideal for Painting

Accoya front doors taken an exceptionally good paint finish, when compared to similar hardwoods and softwoods. This means that it will look better for longer and also saves money due to not requiring repairing or varnishing.

Accoya has excellent thermal performance and has been tested in accordance with EN 12664. This means that Accoya outperforms hardwood front doors by 30% and softwood front doors by 8%.

Accoya Door FAQs

What are the benefits of choosing Accoya doors?

Accoya wood is known for its durability and minimal maintenance needs. When properly maintained, It is guaranteed for up to 50 years.

Accoya doors are more stable due to the timber not absorbing expelling moisture, have a better thermal conductivity and are more energy efficient and are ideal for coating whether with paint or varnish.

This makes Accoya the perfect materials as they don’t have the usual maintenance cost that is associated with timber windows and are more comparable to UPVC or aluminium windows in regards to the amount of maintenance required.

What is Accoya wood, and how is it made?

Accoya wood is sourced from Radiata Pine.

Once collected, this wood undergoes a treatment process known as acetylation to alter the cell structure of the wood. This prevents moisture absorption and release, enhancing its durability and stability​.

Can EH Joinery provide a customised door design?

Yes! At EHjoinery we provide doors in a variety of styles and we can mimic other door designs seen elsewhere. This can be broken down as Modern Door Design which features flat minimal designs, period doors which are linked to specific architectural generations i.e. Edwardian or 1930’s or traditional doors design with horizontal panels as well as frame ledged and braced variations.

As well as styles we also offer multiple timber and hardware variation, as well as pre-finishing options prior to the door leaving the factory.

How does Accoya wood perform in terms of thermal efficiency?

Accoya wood is highly thermally efficient, outperforming traditional hardwood and softwood doors.

It surpasses hardwood doors by 30% and softwood doors by 8% in thermal performance tests, providing excellent insulation and longevity.

Are there environmental benefits to using Accoya wood?

Yes, Accoya wood is sustainably sourced from Radiata Pine forests.

Its manufacturing process and longevity make it a sustainable choice compared to many traditional and synthetic materials.

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