Enviromental Policy

timber recycling

Our commitment to environmental issues is extremely important to us. The following is a list of what we at Edwards & Hampson have done to reduce our carbon footprint.

We only use timber from reputable timber merchants who source wood from sustainable re-stocked forests. Documentation can be provided upon request.

We reuse and recycle as much material as possible. All wood shavings are taken to local stables and, later, composted for agriculture. All metal from old dismantled installations is taken to scrap yards to be melted down for reuse, and all timber off-cuts are used to fuel the biomass heater which heats our workshop, hugely reducing the amount of waste material usually destined for landfill.

low energy bulbs

Extensive sections of our roofing have been replaced with transparent sheeting, reducing the need for artificial lighting in our workshop. To maximise the effect of natural light reflection we painted all of our walls “brilliant white”

We are currently in the process of replacing all our internal lighting to low wattage. Our new lamps are 3 times more powerful than their predecessors and use only 220 watts rather than 900 each. PIR movement sensor lights have also been installed in all areas that are used infrequently, for example (store rooms).

All of our machinery is state of the art and regularly updated. Not only is this the safest for our staff but also operates as economically as current technology can provide.

When we constructed our car park the drainage was built as a “soak away” which places no extra bearing on the main drains system. We also placed an oil filter in the system to remove any spillage washed down from cars, so no harm is done to the soil around us.

The Work We Do When working in greenbelt or conservation areas or on listed buildings, we ensure all designs, colours and materials are compliant with local-authority regulations and are in keeping with the aesthetics of the building and locale. Our expertise in this area has resulted in us being recommended to listed-property owners by, amongst others, Southport and Sefton Conservation Authorities.

As the government is now supporting Bio-mass energy, Edwards & Hampson are looking to further exploit waste by installing a briquette machine that will compress our wood shavings into highly combustible blocks that can be used for fuelling industrial bio-mass heaters as well as coal fires, wood burners and wood burning stoves in the home.

Due to our favourable location the company is exploring the application process of placing wind turbines between the apex of units 1 and 2 of our premises. These turbines would not be visible to the public and will help supply power to the national grid further reducing the need for fossil fuels.

If you would like to comment or make a suggestion please feel free to contact us or call in.