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Are you tired of creaky, outdated, or tired-looking stairs? If so, EHjoinery can help you completely revitalise your home. 

Trusted by our loyal customers since 1971, you have continuously placed your trust in us to deliver high-quality bespoke staircases in Knutsford, and we always deliver. 

Our team of expert joiners have designed and built a wide range of staircases, from open-plan designs to curved and traditional. Our knowledge and expertise have helped us gain a reliable reputation in Knutsford, and our customers are always at the heart of what we do.

We’ll help you achieve your desired look, moving you one step closer to the home of your dreams. Whether you want to tear down your old model and redesign a whole new look or adjust and upgrade certain elements of your current build, we’re here to help. 

Our 3D technology provides a realistic model of what the finished staircase will look like so you can make any necessary adjustments beforehand. We will match your budget requirements and personal style when choosing the materials and layout of your stairs. 

At Edwards and Hampson, we take pride in our work so that you can guarantee a high-quality service every time.

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Why Us for Stairs Knutsford
white staircase, oak handrail and bottom step
Stairs Designed for You

Our Knutsford staircase renovation is uniquely designed for you by our on site design team.

3D Staircase Preview

View your staircase in colourful 3D before the manufacture even takes place.

hardwood glass staircase, loft staircase
Stairs Tailored to your Space

When space is an issue, we look to maximise the room you have to get the best fit

Striving for Majesty

No matter the size or space we are working with, we will help you to maximise the space and create something special.

Staircase Renovations in Knutsford

staircase refurbishment with turned spindles

Do you want to reserve a historical staircase? Or maybe you want to modernise a staircase that has been in your family for generations without destroying the original build.

If so, our staircase renovation service is the perfect solution. Our team can breathe life back into a faulty or frail staircase. Whether you want to touch up the paint or replace and add missing elements, such as spindles or a balustrade, we can live up to the challenge. 

We use the UK’s best timber to ensure you have a beautiful, sturdy staircase that will last for many years to come. Better yet, our team always aims to complete any renovations within a two-day timeframe to minimise disruption.

Additionally, we will leave your home in tip-top condition, cleaning any debris and disposing of old parts and materials so you don’t have to.

Renovations are a cost-friendly solution to home improvements. Contact us today or browse our staircase renovation services to find out more.

Staircase Renovations

Loft Staircases

loft staircase

Loft spaces tend to go unused due to the inconvenience of moving to and from them. But what if you could change this?

With our loft staircases, you can have a permanent feature placed in your home for easy transportation to and from your loft. This broadens the possibilities for your loft space, serving as an extra bedroom, storage room, or hidden library. 

As the landing space in UK homes tends to be narrower and smaller, we take accurate measurements of your home and loft to design and build a staircase that will fit without causing obstruction. 

Choose from a curved staircase for an aesthetic touch or a small, straight design for easy access. Say goodbye to your unsturdy ladder and hello to a beautiful and reliable loft staircase with EHjoinery. Browse our loft staircase services for more information.

Loft Staircases

Commercial Staircases Knutsford

We are collaborating with small businesses and commercial companies in Knutsford to deliver bespoke products and services that you can rely on. 

Whether you’re an architect looking to find the perfect staircase for your client or you want to reserve and refurbish a historical element in your warehouse, we’ve got you covered. Together, we can design a personalised staircase that will sit flush with the interior or add a grand feature to your commercial space.

From luxury housing to retail stores and racing grounds, we have supplied doors, windows, and staircase parts to a wide range of businesses across the UK. And you could be our next collaborative partner in Knutsford.

Commercial Joinery
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