Staircase Renovations

Oak, Double Landing, Carpeted, Chrome Glass

With today’s modern technology, staircases can be structurally sound for decades, especially if a reputable joinery firm has made them. However, although the staircase can stand the test of time, it’s very possible the style has lost its appeal.As trends change certain styles can become dated and begin to hinder your homes overall aesthetic. With our hardwood stair renovation service, we can re-style your staircase and brighten up your hallway quickly and easily.

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Oak & Glass Staircase Renovation

Newel Posts

All existing turned newel posts have been removed full, with new solid American White Oak replacements. This posts have been housed into this customers existing staircase to make sure the balustrade is string and stable.

Handrails & Baserails

The existing handrail and baserail, with an old fashions profile and white colour, have been replaced with new minimal design Oak handrail and baserail. These have been machined with a flat underside in order to accommodate stainless steel glass fixings.

Toughened Glass Balustrade

All existing timber spindles have been removed and dispose of and in their place we have installed 10mm toughened glazing. This glazing profiles added safety compared to spindles and using the glass fixings can be removed if needed, should you wish to redecorate your hallway.


With a renovation you can renovate the entire staircase so that it is all lined and made to look fully Oak. With this staircase however the customer understood that less is more and has elected to keep a painted finish on her stringers. This sets the rest of the staircase off a gives a high level of contrast to the hallway.

Oak Spindles Staircase Renovation

Newel Posts

The original staircase in this property was constructed without newel posts with balustrade panels being attached to one another to attempt to find some support. The result was a wobbly balustrade which failed to provide any support for this elderly couple. The new staircase, with Oak newel posts which are fixed to the stairs themselves provided a much safer and nice looking option.


The original staircase had ranch style handrail on both sides of the staircase with one fixed to the wall. This knotty pine handrail provided limited stability and, on the bottom section of the stairs, was only on one side. The new handrail on the wall side was a continuous ergonomic profile making life easier for people using the staircase and also a much nicer, more aesthetic, implementation.


For the spindles on the staircase the customer opted for a minimal square profile, in American White Oak, with offered a stark contrast to the knotty pine originals.

Staircase Renovation Ash & Glass

Newel Posts

This customer opted to replace their existing white newel posts with solid American White Ash alternatives. This included the three newel posts on the staircase and also a new half newel to the landing area, made so not to create gaps around the customers original floor, in a 115mm square section. We hand-make all our products and this was machined, laminated and installed by us at our manufacturing facility in Liverpool.


The original handrail for this staircase was a white primed slim section and the customer wanted something more substantial, especially due to the fact that their existing newel posts where 115mm wide. Therefor they opted for a 80mm, heavy section, handrail that matched the rest of the staircase.


The job brief from this customer, given that their original staircase was in a painted softwood, they wanted to have a full hardwood makeover, therefor they also had linings to their inner and outer stringers, joists and skirting boards


For this customer we also fully lined their existing meter cupboard, which they originally referred to as their “ugly cupboard” and now is an extra centrepiece in their hallway. The customer has then added angular LED strips to their wall which gives the hallway a striking finish.

Open Plan Staircase Renovation

Staircase Style

This customer upgraded their open plan staircase to a sleek, modern design. They carefully selected timber types to perfectly complement their existing house finishes. As a result, they got a standout staircase that enhances the space without overpowering it, allowing natural light to flood through and create a sense of spaciousness


The wooden balustrade has been replaced with elegant embedded glass, perfectly complementing the open plan style. This transformation not only invites ample natural light but also lightens the overall feel of the staircase within the space. The seamless integration of glass, paired with a minimal handrail, adds a touch of coziness that perfectly suits the character of this charming cottage.


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