Staircase Styles

At Edwards & Hampson we supply and install a range of different staircases to suit a range of purposes, spaces and budgets. We do this by constantly looking to upgrade our manufacturing capabilities, taking on new trends whilst still understanding traditional methods.

Our staircases are designed for a variety of different customers and we will tailor our service to meet your specific needs. We work with:

  1. Builders & Contractors
  2. Joiners
  3. Developers
  4. Architects
  5. Private Self-Builds & Renovations

All styles listed below can be designed and views in 2D and 3D so that we can help you understand the exact staircase you will be getting. Start the process by getting in touch with us!

Standard - Paint Grade Staircases

Our basic staircase range allowing for paint grade strings and balustrade, along with carpet grade treads and risers, offers great value for money and are made using superior grade materials that other nationwide manufacturers. We offer pine treads as standard on all of our straight sections of staircase, aiming to use as little MDF as possible.

We also offer upgraded material options on the stairs with 32mm thick treads and 9mm thick risers available, which offers a much superior staircase and one that will last the test of time.

Our standard staircases are popular among house builders, contractors as well as general joiners. We also pride ourselves on being loft staircase specialists and look to partner with loft conversion companies in order to provide the best service for their customers.

Oak Staircases

If you looking to add some colour and texture to your staircase, possibly the best way is to opt for a hardwood staircase. We have a range of hardwoods available, but the most popular, not only with stair-building but also other internal décor, is American White Oak.

Oak is a great material for stair building, not only for its natural colour and consistent grain, but also due to its strength and durability. Oak has been a mainstay in all forms of construction, from Boatbuilding to furniture.

All of our American White Oak staircases are made using only FSC® sourced timber, meaning they are sourced sustainably and using only quality materials. We can also pair your American White Oak staircase with other colour and materials, including White Primed risers and toughened glass balustrades.

Why not view some of our Oak staircases by following the link below.

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Glass Staircases

In the search for more space and light, one of the biggest modifications you can make to your home is to incorporate glass in place of other opaque materials, and possibly one of the best places to do this is on your staircase.

With modern glass manufacturing techniques, glass is now not only one of the most elegant materials you can use on your staircase, it is also the safest. We use only the safest glass on our stairs with either 10mm toughened glass when fixed to handrails or 17.5mm laminate glass when left free standing, we keep your best interests at the heart of our decision making.

There are a wide variety of styles available when designing glass balustrade staircaes, including embedded, clamped and even free standing options and we can design and show you these options in 3D.

Follow the link below to see more information on our glass balustrade staircases.

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Open Plan Staircases

In modern house design, people are looking to open up their internal spaces, creating greater visibility and flow within their homes and we encourage this design trend with our open plan staircase range.

Our open plan staircases have an open-rise, which means that there is a space between each tread allowing people to see through their steps. This is achieved through an alternative construction method and we use thicker stringers and treads in order to keep the staircase rigid and the quality as high as possible.

With open plan staircases, the main challenge is that due to the inclusion of a gap between the treads, the staircase runs the risk of not passing building regulations as a staircase can not have an opening of more than 99mm at any point. We do this with either a glass or timber stub rise, or using our specialist laminated treads which have a thickness of between 50mm – 100mm.

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Wrought Iron Staircases

A traditional material for stair balustrade, which has become popular in recent years with modern interpretations, is wrought or cast iron. Using this trend we have updated our balustrade styles available to now incorporate there metal options.

We offer standard off the shelf case iron options, which come in a variety of styles and options. These come in an immaculate black powder coated finish and can be fitted using a variety of methods.

As well as this we offer bespoke fabricated balustrades, manufactured from local suppliers and made using best in class materials. These can be made to suit your bespoke staircase and can be powder coated in a variety of finishes including antique, matt and gloss finishes.

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Cut String Staircases

A more traditional method of construction, a cut string staircase sees the treads sit on top of the string, with the balustrade fixed directly into the treads. This design of staircase is becoming more and more popular in modern architecture and is something more common in the states where it is known colonial style.

Cut string staircases have a variety of design elements attached to them, such as wrought iron balustrades, continuous handrails as well as heavy section panelled newel posts. There are now also modern interpretations of cut string staircases which includes glazing fixed to the side of the staircase, or made as if the glass rises up seamlessly from inside the stairs.

Cut String staircases are one of our specialities, get in touch now if you wish to discuss your project and seek to incorporate one of our staircase designs.

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Curved Staircases

Curved staircases are one of the more difficult elements of staircase design, but something we have strived to master over recent years, and this is proven in our catalogue of curved staircases. We can produce helical, hour glass and circular curved staircases and can incorporate all forms of balustrade including wrought iron, timber spindles and glass.

Our curved staircases can be incorporated into both modern and traditional environments and are produced using only the best laminated timber, which is curved using CAD techniques and the experience of our joiners.

If you are looking to start a project are are looking to include a curved staircase, get in touch now as we can produce 2D and 3D designs and show you what your new staircase will look like after it has been installed.

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Central Spine Staircases

Possibly the most contemporary style of staircase that we offer, central spine staircases represent to epitome of modern stair manufacture and represent one of our specialities.

Made by constructing a staircase using two saw-tooth stringers, which are offset into the centre of the tread, the caped off from behind to create the appearance of a solid spine. We make these staircases using solid timber and can be made in a range of orientations with multiple types of balustrade.

We can also construct out central spine staircases using a solid metal spine, which can offer a great contrast from the timber treads with the possibility to finish the spine in a variety of colours with different powder coating options.

Follow the link below to see more of our central spine staircases.

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