External & Internal BiFolding Doors Liverpool

Bi Fold Doors Liverpool

Bi-Folding doors are quickly becoming the number one product of choice with designers and homeowners alike. Bi-fold doors are so popular because they allow maximum levels of light to enter a room, yet offer privacy where it’s needed. Not only that, they’re made with solid construction and are easy to use.

Edwards & Hampson bifold doors are made from Accoya wood and come guaranteed for 50 Years. Bi-fold sliding doors are ideal for homes and businesses that want the option of lots of light. They can remove the barriers between yourself and the outside world, changing your house or business from a safe haven in the winter, to a free flowing environment in the summer.

As you see below, outfitting your house with Bi-Fold doors give you home a different feel, with our bespoke range you can have bi-folds of any shape and design to remove a whole section of the wall and have an altogether different space.

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Internal Bi-Folding Doors

Internal bi-folding doors can be a unique asset to any house hold, creating a temporary barrier between two rooms, whilst being able to at a moment’s notice create one large expanse by opening them up. Internal bi-fold doors are different in that the bottom rail is in fact embedded into the floor so that there is no step or sill that would interfere movement between the rooms, making them as unobtrusive as possible and indeed creating one large room.

Bi-folding Doors FAQs

The mechanism of bi-folding doors is often compared to the musical instrument, the ‘concertina’. 

This reed produces sounds as mechanisms fold in on each other, and that’s exactly how bi-folding doors work! 

Each door panel folds onto the next, allowing them to slide and stack neatly to one or both sides. They operate by sliding along a track, typically installed at the top and bottom of the door frame.

The design ensures that the doors can be opened fully, partially, or remain closed, providing flexibility in how the space is used.

You should fit your home with bi-fold doors for countless reasons, including: 

  • Maximised light entry: Bi-fold doors allow for maximum light entry. They can brighten up a space and give it a more open feel. 
  • Privacy: While they let in a lot of light, bi-fold doors also offer the necessary privacy when needed.
  • Solid construction: These doors are made with expert craftsmanship. Their solid construction ensures durability and longevity for homeowners. 
  • Ease of use: Bi-fold doors are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate.
  • Versatility: Bi-fold sliding doors can make indoor spaces feel more connected to the adjoining outdoor environment, whether it’s a garden or patio. 
  • Aesthetic appeal: With bespoke options at EH Joinery, homeowners can customise bi-folds of any shape and design. You can even remove an entire wall section and create an entirely new space if necessary.
  • Unique internal options: Internal bi-folding doors can serve as a temporary partition between two rooms but can be opened to create a vast, unified space. A special feature of these internal doors is the design of the bottom rail,  embedded into the floor, which ensures a smooth transition between rooms without any obstructions.

Yes, you can install bi-folding doors in your existing home, whether in a new build or period property. 

Your joiner will consider the structural implications of installing them in an existing build, as it may require alterations to the existing wall or additional supportive lintels.

Bi-folding doors can replace traditional doors, which may swing inwards or outwards and take up valuable space. The concertina folding mechanism of bi-fold doors ensures this isn’t a problem! 

Bi-folding doors are especially suitable for homes with patios or gardens. Their wide openings will facilitate easier movement during social gatherings or family events. Our custom-made range allows homeowners to exercise even more flexibility over their doors. 

Choose bi-folding doors of any design or shape to put the finishing touches on your home’s interior decor.

Generally, bifold doors do not require planning permission as they fall under permitted development rights. 

Planning permission is usually unnecessary if you're simply replacing an existing door with a bi-fold one. There are also no specific restrictions on the style or material of the bifold doors, but they must comply with building regulations.