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LOFT STAIRCASE Measurements taken care of
At Edwards & Hampson, our main area of specialisation is staircases for loft conversions. The most difficult type of staircase is one that has to adhere to a tight space and with most loft staircases this is the most important part of the design. We work alongside builders and loft conversion specialists in order to squeeze in the perfect staircase into loft conversion, this includes an initial survey, providing design drawings, advising on relevant building regulations and advising on positions of joists, dormer windows, etc.
Perfectly matched to the original
One of the biggest problems with loft staircases is that it will be existing in the same stairwell as the original staircase, which in a lot of cases may be decades old featuring period features that aren’t readily available now. What we offer, due to our manufacturing capabilities and links with specialised loft staircase suppliers, is an ability to match the balustrade and components of the original staircase in what would be a continuous stairwell make the new staircase appear as though it was always there.
LOFT STAIRS Delivered on a deadline
With loft conversions you want to minimise the amount of mess and disruption, which means making sure that when the opening is created and the knock through is complete, the staircase needs to be on site as soon as possible. With that we offer a quick turnaround throughout the north west with a 5-7 days turnaround on loft staircases. This means that you can rely on the staircase being on site at a time to meet the build.

Perfect for Loft Conversions

With our carful planning and design capabilities we aim to get a standard construction staircase, that adheres to current building regulations, in your or your customers property. We do this using 2D and 3D CAD capabilities enabling you to view your entire stairwell and its possibilities.

Need help planning your loft conversion? Over our 50 years of operations, we have an expert knowledge of the building regulations as it relates to staircases and can help with planning in person or over the phone. If you need help in the early phases, check out our building regulations guide which should give you all the details you need when designing your staircase.

Loft Staircase One

This staircase is a replication of the one below, with bespoke matched caps, spindles and handrail with the handrail being American Black Walnut to match the original staircase. The newel posts rather than being matched to the originals, to save expense, where a similar turning from an existing supplier.

Loft Staircase Two

This staircase was a difficult one to match, with very intricate spindles and newel posts. The posts are built up over three blocks, with the middle black tapering in size with the cap at the top being rounded on the top and bottoms with two grooves along the middle. The spindles are a combination of turned and machined with multiple processes completed by wood turners and machinists.

Loft Staircase Three

A similar existing staircase her to replicate, with square posts and spindles to match the existing. The only area of complication are the flat turns newel caps, which where quite common among previous stair builders, but not an off the shelf items currently. We however has not problem getting these turned for our customer.

Loft Staircase Four

This is a more complicated looking design, but actually quite easy if you have the right tools. The handrail and posts are a standard profile whereas the spindles are a way design quite common in older houses. These are easily cut however using our CNC technology which we use for more uncommon designs such as this. The caps again are a bit more difficult but no problem for our machinists.

Loft Staircase Five

A more standard loft staircase, this square newel posts and turned spindles of a standard profile. The handrail is one of our more traditional profiles and the caps are a bespoke turning to match the original, but not a difficult profile.

Loft Staircase Six

This staircase the customer has taken the opposite approach and has renovated the full staircase and chosen a new design, rather than match to the original. They decided to remove their original balustrade in favour of Oak chamfered spindles, standard profile Oak handrail and Oak pyramid caps. With the rest of the staircase being white and a neutral hallway, the Oak colour adds a nice bit of texture.

Loft Staircase Seven

This staircase has a special spindle design, with alternating square and rectangular design spindles, with the rectangular spindles having a flower design running through them, that we have drawn out and design specifically for this staircase. The caps as well as a special tapered design which we have machined specifically for this staircase.

Loft Staircase Eight

This staircase has specially machined spindles which are used to form a lattice work balustrade up the staircase, as opposed to standard spindles. There where machined based on samples of the existing staircase so as to match the original. The caps are also specially turned to match the existing staircase.

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