Welcome To a New EHJoinery

At Edwards & Hampson we are always looking to reinvent the way in which we interact with our customers. This is why we have revamped our current website and added a host of new features to help, new customers, current customers as well as anyone wanting to understand more about joinery. These new features should help customers find the information they need in the shortest amount of time. Some of the new features are;

Full Interactive Staircase Gallery

Our new interactive Gallery system allows you to filter out our large range of staircase to find something that you like. With a huge range of glass, spindles and timber types there should be somthing for every style. Each staircase comes with a range of images so you can see from every angle how the staircase has altered the space.
Each project is accompanied by an individual right up specifying the clients preferences and plans going into the design and manufacture. These are complemented by technical specifications regarding the names of the materials as well as the style of the parts used.

Online Guides

Because we know how complicated these processes can be, whether it be the terminology that is used or the regulations we all have to abide by, we like to give you as much information that is available. That is why we have a dedicated help and guides section, complete with full terminology, regulations and FAQ’s section as well as an in depth look at all the timbers that we stock giving the benefits of each.

Case studies

So you can better understand the process that is involved with both our trade customers as well as our private customers we have a dedicated case studies section giving detail to some of the specific works we have done. This work includes projects that we have completed for large housing companies seeking to regenerate their communities as well as luxury housing developments where individual houses can go for millions of pounds.

Much More

As well as new features the website has been overhauled to make it more modern, making the images larger giving clarity to the images and giving off a brighter and more hospitable feel. New dedicated section for windows, doors as well a gallery of more of our bespoke work gives you a picture of what we are capable of at Edwards & Hampson