What is the most important room in your house?

The most important room of your house? Oddly enough its the room that is the most forgotten, under-utilised and yet leaves the biggest impression. That room is the hallway. Your hallway is the first room you and any perspective guests will see when they arrive and the last you will see when you leave, so why don’t people make the most out of it?

Forever forgotten when any perspective re-design takes place, favoured are the kitchen and living room, adorned with furniture and given special focus. This, over emphasis, on the living areas leaves your home looking bare in the most important areas, reducing the overall value of the house, both aesthetically and financially.

With estate agents recommending that first impressions are the most important when selling your house, getting your hallway looking its best gives your the edge when selling while also adding extra value. This could involve merely redecoration, some added furniture or even a new or improved staircase.

A staircase not only connects the floors of your home but also acts as the biggest feature of your hall. It can either be the centrepiece, drawing you and your guests awe and attention, or it can simply reinforce the overall aesthetic of your house, acting as the backbone for your homes style and personality. Either way, a can staircase can turn that often overlooked room, into the centre of your home.