5 Questions to ask before you Design Your Bespoke Staircase

• Do you want a modern or a traditional staircase?

This question dictates the entire style of the staircase, from the balustrading to colour and is a questions that is decided, mainly, upon the style of your house. Houses designed and build before the 70’s, unless they have had a thorough re-design inside, will not take a modern staircase. The same goes for new houses with minimal features, these will note the grand traditional staircase accustom to traditional town houses. Where the choice is more prevalent is when your home sits between these two extremes.

• Will it be Spindles or Glass?

The second question usually found on the way to a new timber staircase is whether the balustrade will be glass or spindles. Obviously these aren’t the only two choices; metal spindles, ranch style and stub wall partitions are all options however these are slowly becoming a thing of the past. The decision of Glass Vs Spindles depends on whether you want a balustrade that’s going to provide the finer details to the staircase or act as a clear barrier, increasing light and making your hallway feeling bigger. The question of glass Vs spindles is one that very much depends on the previous, modern or traditional debate, with spindles favoring traditional and glass staircases the modern. However a resurgence in modern spindle styles gives way to a less obvious debate.

• What timber will my staircase be?

Bespoke timber staircases are the popular choice for modern homes, which the metal trends of the 90’s giving way to wood in the 21st century, the question remains what type of timber will be the best for a new bespoke timber staircase? Ash is a popular choice for those seeking to add an interesting stain to a staircase, due to its lack of colour and interesting grain it is a canvas for those seeking to add their own colour. Oak is by far the most sought after timber in the staircase industry, with its name aligning itself to quality, style as well as a link to British carpentry. Walnut is the main timber used when seeking a darker, almost regal staircase. Despite it being a timeless material it has seen a resurgence in recent years, being twinned with white to add contrast into a room.

• Is it a centrepiece or a greater part of your homes style?

The last question asks how your staircase should interact with the rest of your home. Should it command the space and be an imposing feature or should It act as the centerpiece on an overarching theme that is the rest of your house. An imposing staircase is a completely blank slate in regards to design, all that need to be done is create something unique and demanding, a preference for white walls and natural tones will create a better canvas for this staircase and help it stand out. A staircase designed to develop your homes overall style needs a more careful eye, details such as timer, colour and size will have to match other features in your home, for example, your timber used for the stairs might also be used on the skirting boards, doors, tables etc. creating more overarching elements that add to your homes style.