How to Get the Most out of your Staircase, on a Budget.

With your staircase taking such a prominent role in your home, it is important to put time and effort into the design so that you can create your ideal hallway. However creating that central feature can have a drastic effect on your bank balance, especially when you’ve got other building work on the go.

Assess what materials you want to use, and find the alternatives.

An awful lot of people who are looking into purchasing a staircase don’t realise what materials they have on offer, instead they arrive with only knowing of Oak, a loverly timber yes, but also very expensive. An alternative to oak can be found in Ash, another hardwood, highly similar to oak, but without the price tag. This option comes in a lighter tone, which allows the homeowner to create his or her ideal colour, whether that be to look like oak, or even walnut or mahogany. An Ash staircase can be unto 30% cheaper that oak and therefor offers a great saving when looking for a staircase.

Embrace white.

A white base colour on any staircase allows for a great foundation to create something special, with glass, metals and hardwoods looking great on a clean background. This, along with being great aesthetically, offers a huge saving. Using white allows for a saving on the materials as softwoods or even MDF’s can be used instead of hardwoods, with no difference in quality noticed. A staircase made of softwood as opposed to oak offers a saving of around 60% over the stairs. It is however advisable to include certain hardwood elements so that the staircase does not feel bland.

Do Away with Hardwood Treads

One of the easiest ways to save money over the value of a staircase is to have it carpeted, which will allow for a less costly material to be used on the treads & risers. A thick softwood tread, combined with an 18mm plywood rise allow for the same hardwiring feel, without the hard wearing price. Having a carpet also allows for a contrasting look to the stairs, with the timber being broken up by the natural colours of the carpet, allowing the staircase to be less imposing. Opting for a carpeted staircase could save as much as £1000 over the value of an entire staircase.