Open Plan Staircase Oak

With this home the main focal point of the house is the rear which has been redesigned to feature an open plan kitchen dining space with views over the back garden, however the previous design of this hallway had a solid staircase. This prevented the passage of light through the house, which is important when the dining area features large windows that allow so much light through. The best way around these problems was to have an open plan staircase.

The open plan staircase, utilised in this house, helps by allowing light to pass through into the front rooms. This style of open plan is accentuated by the glass stub risers, which allows for the least obstructed views of the back of the house, with other option for an open plan staircase being timber stub risers. This design of open plan also utilises the LED lighting under the treads, this is a modern lighting trend for staircases and creates an interesting feature especially when the lighting in the hallway is dimmed.

To follow on with the open plan look the balustrade in this staircase is made of glass, supported by stainless steel clamps. These clamps further add to the modern feel of the house and the glass gives a greater feeling of transparency to the stairs again allowing for an open feel to the house.

The staircase is finished off with a square bullnose step. This step with its square radious corners is designed to have a modern appeal and tie in with the open plan and glass. The function of this step is to improve the flow for people moving onto or off of the staircase making the staircase more functional as well as a feature.

Timber: Oak
Style: Open Plan
Balustrade: 10mm Toughened Glass on Clamps
Feature Step: Square Bullnose Step
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