Oak Staircase Free Standing Balustrade

A feature staircase needs to be the major focus of attention for a hallway, functioning as the centrepiece of the room. This needs to be done without being too overbearing or distinct from its surroundings, as this can take the staircase from centrepiece to eyesore.

The first way in which this staircase seeks to separate itself from the room is with its colour. The hallway has predominantly neutral colours, with white walls, light grey tiles and black distinct features including the site table and front door. This surrounding colour scheme creates the perfect framing for the golden American White Oak staircase, that offers the hallway a burst of colour.

One of the struggles with creating a feature staircase within this hallway is due to the size of the room, with its double height atrium like ceiling, and exceptional width, the stairs may find themselves lost. The answer to this problem is to attempt to scale up the stairs in a similar capacity to the room, with almost 1.2m in width and extra long treads, we have created a staircase that belongs in this hallway and doesn’t feel like it’s been swallowed up.

With such a balanced hallway, the struggle now comes in preventing the stairs from overtaking the space entirely. The colour of the stairs has created the contrast and has crafted the feature within the room, when choosing the balustrade we kept it as simple as possible so as to not lessen the effect. Therefore we chose free standing, frameless, glass balustrade. This prevents visual impairment and makes the hallway feel as open and as light as possible.

Timber: American White Oak
Balustrade: Free Standing Glass
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