Oak Carpeted Staircase

This town centre property is a good example of a brand-new property where the builders have saved money on elements such as the stairs. The staircase in the house was cheap, bland and badly designed. The stairs where all pine, with a white finish and plain carpet. This badly reflected on a very nice property is a lovely location, making the house feel cheap rather than luxurious. They started as soon as you walked through the front door, finishing outside the door of the master bedroom. This is an undesirable feature, as guests or simply people standing at the front door can see up into the master bedroom.

For this customer we redesigned the staircase, spinning it round and having it start at the other side of the house, by the kitchen. This prevents people standing at the front door begin able to look directly into the master bedroom, but also the living space in the kitchen and rear living space now have a view of the brand-new Oak staircase, instead of the back of the plasterboard.

The staircase was made from Oak, with the main body of the staircase being carpeted. This, along with being this customers preference, breaks up the color schemes and stops the Oak from overpowering the hallway. The balustrade is glass, which is very minimal and rather than acting as a feature it instead encourages people to look through the stairs at the pictures, decorations and overall aesthetic of the home. The bottom step is unique as instead of being carpeted like the rest, it is solid oak, which makes the transition between the oak flooring in the hallway and the carpet of the stairs less sudden.

Timber: Oak
Balustrade: Embedded Glass
Bottom Step: Bullnose
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