Curved Walnut Staircase, Embedded Glass

This curved continuous walnut staircase is flamboyant in that it defies certain norms usually associated to staircases. These eccentricities come together to create something special, with this staircase being one of few that doesn’t fade into the background of the homes decor.
This staircase is made out of solid walnut with a curved stringer and balustrade reaching out into the hallway. it is created using traditional joinery techniques, with an external structure being made and the timber being bent over it to form the curve and multiple layers then laminated together.
The bottom three steps form their own little feature, with the unique shape going against norms and inverting back into the treads, adding to the warped curve feel and portraying a different shape whether you are ascending or descending the staircase. on the 1st floor, the strings diminish into the floor, which is a small detail, leaving a very lasting impression.
Rather than have the handrail attached into the side of the newel, it was jointed at 45 degrees, with no capping, meaning that from the first newel on the ground floor to the last newel on the second floor, it is made to look as though it is one piece of timber.
The Staircase took three weeks to create and 4 days to install, on site in esher, London. it is finished off with a clear coat of polish setting the staircase off into its new environment.

Timber Walnut
Feature Steps Inverted Steps
Balustrading Curved Embedded Glass
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