Curved Black Staircase

This staircase is designed uniquely for this hallway and has three very unique elements, the size, the colour and the fact that is it curved.

the vast majority of staircases have a width of between 800mm and 1100mm, this is the optimal width for most hallways as to not impede on the overall living space whilst still allowing for an easy passage up the stairs. With this staircase however the hall is exceedingly large, and if you give the staircase an average width it would look tiny and would not have the impact that you want as a feature in your hallway. this staircases width is 1700mm at the top and 2400mm at the bottom with the width disparity highlighting the curve.

The curve of the staircase is both functional and aesthetic. The curve allows for the staircase to have improved flow into the onlooking rooms as you can begin to move in the direction you ned before you disembark from the stairs. This is especially important in this space as the vast majority of the living spaces are behind the stairs. Aesthetically the curve does the job of adding a bit of grace to a very large staircase, which if it didn’t have these round edges may look like a big black eyesore.

The colour is the most risky part of the design, with a staircase being a very large component of a hallway making it black can absorb all the warmth and light from a room if done incorrectly. However there are two reasons why this colour still works in the space, the grey carpet beaks up the imposing colour of the stairs and the rest of the room is very light and in colour which counteracts the darkness of the stairs.

Timber: Idigbo Hardwood
Balustrade: Single Twist Spindles
Newel Size: 140mm Square
Spindle Size: 51mm Square
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