Central Spine Staircase Ash

For this project the client wanted bespoke modern staircases to have inside these brand new homes. For this they went for central spine staircases. These staircases are show how a traditional material such as timber can be used to create a modern centrepiece.

The staircase is made of solid American White Ash, with extra thick 110mm treads, that give the entire staircase a sense of quality as you ascend. the stringer is made up of two 44mm thick strings which are capped at the back to create a box section stringer which gives the stairs their unique feel.

The complimenting balustrade is a 17.5mm thick laminate glass, fixed in place to the side of the treads and to the landing areas. This glass, with its frame-less structure, gives the least intrusion of the landing areas allowing the maximum amount of light to pass through the home.

Timber: Ash
Balustrade: 17.5mm Laminate Glass
Style: Central Spine
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