Our Bespoke Range of Wrought Iron Staircases

If your home is missing that ‘wow’ factor, our wrought iron staircases are bound to do the trick.

At EH Joinery, we believe that a staircase is more than just a practical structure; it is a statement of style and a demonstration of great craftsmanship. That is why we offer bespoke wrought iron staircases that are meticulously crafted to meet your individual preferences.

Wrought iron has been a popular choice for staircases for centuries due to its incredible durability and strength. Whether you prefer a traditional style or rustic elegance, wrought iron pairs well with any interior, providing a sleek and expensive look.

Staircase Gallery

We can create a bespoke wrought iron staircase for your home or commercial space, elevating the atmosphere of the building. Our staircases combine the classic appeal of wrought iron with modern design elements to produce breathtaking, one-of-a-kind creations.

This includes a variety of wood types and shades for a unique and stable feature. From a spiral staircase to an open-plan design, the opportunities are endless.

EH Joinery collaborates closely with you to understand your concept and bring it to reality. Our skilled craftsmen can construct everything from complex, extravagant motifs to clean, minimalist structures.

Whether you’re renovating an old staircase or designing a new one, we will make sure your staircase is the right fit for you and your home.

Our Design Process

We begin with a thorough consultation to determine your requirements and preferences. This contains discussions about design concepts, materials, and finishes.


We will then generate a 3D model of your design to give you an insight into the finished product. We welcome your feedback and will make changes to ensure that the design meets your expectations.


Our expert craftsmen will get to work on your design, using the finest materials and traditional techniques for a high-quality finish.


We will then install your new staircase with precision and care, ensuring that it’s visually appealing, safe, and functional.

Why Choose EH Joinery?

At EHjoinery, we are passionate about delivering professional, reliable, and high-quality services for every project.

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, our team of highly skilled experts pays excellent attention to detail and has a broad knowledge of joinery techniques under their sleeves.

Our stairs are designed to fit seamlessly into the existing architecture of your property, taking into account the layout and size of the building.

As an eco-conscious business, we are committed to sustainability and source our materials ethically. Our manufacturing processes are designed to minimise waste and environmental impact.

With competitive pricing and transparent quotes, you’re in safe hands with EH Joinery.

Design Consultation

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