Glass Staircases

At Edwards & Hampson we are not just masters of timber, but also using glass. With the turn of the contemporary, glass staircases became the utmost in contemporary living, seeing spindles as a more traditional alternative. Manufacturing staircases for almost 50 years, at Edwards & Hampson, we not only saw the rise of glass staircases, we pioneered them.

Our glass staircases can be made to suit any home or lifestyle, either to create a relaxed and simple style, or an uber modern feature to your hallway. They also come with the highest safety guaranteed, with both our 10mm toughened as well as our 17.5mm laminated glass coming with the highest specifications.

Choosing the correct glass balustrade staircase come sometimes be difficult, therefor we have a dedicated gallery featuring a range of our glass staircases and balustrades. If you need any choosing you can speak to one if our dedicated designers who would be happy to help with any of you questions.

Staircase Gallery

Embedded Glass Balustrade

An embedded glass balustrade is one that looks for a seamless transition between timber and glass, with the most minimal of styles. An embedded glass staircase is for a home with simple styles without looking to make a grand statement, but instead just wants to have a minimal, yet appealing, design.

An embedded glass staircase i created by creating a grove in the base-rail, where the glass can then sit into, a matching grove is created in the handrail. This will the sandwich the glass, fixing it in place safely.

The glass used is 10mm toughened glass, which ensures that should any damage befall the glass, no large shards or sharp edges will result and the glass can be safely disposed of.

Clamped Glass Balustrade

A clamped glass balustrade is for a more modern home, looking to create a less simplistic look, whereby the transition between the glass and the timber is broken up by the metal of the clamp. This metal element is one that complements the staircase, giving it a greater array of colours and materials for a style which is more eye catching than easy on the eye.

The glass clamps come in either a polished stainless steel, or a chrome effect, depending on your preference. The glass is secured in place with an allen key, which can also be removed should the need arise to take the glass out.

The glass used is 10mm toughened glass, which ensures that should any damage befall the glass, no large shards or sharp edges will result and the glass can be safely disposed of.

Free Standing Glass Balustrade

A free standing balustrade is the most advanced for of glass balustrade, looking to adorn the most luxurious of homes with its super minimal appeal and clean image. A free standing glass balustrade creates the most unobtrusive of staircases, allows lighter and unobscured imagery around the home, making the best addition to an open plan home.

An embedded glass staircase is created by using a double stringer, with an internal piece being part of the actual staircase and an external piece which is added later. The glass is attached to the internal stringer with which bolts which are fixed through the glass itself, with the external stringer being fixed to the glass. This gives the image of one stringer, with the glass simply resting on top.

The glass used 17.5mm laminated glass which is the safest possible option when having self-supporting glass, with the strength coming from two layers of glass, with an internal plastic layer. The glass also allows for the holes bolts to be fixed into the holes at the bottom to fix the glass in place, other types of glass may shatter under the pressure.

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