5 Ways to rejuvenate your staircase

The majority of staircases across the UK are things designed with cost effectiveness in mind. Designed simply to get between floors, with no aesthetic appeal or even thought. However things don’t need to stay like that. Without making wholesale changes to your hallway or even the stairs themselves, you can rejuvenate your existing staircase and put a bit more appeal into your hallway

1. Add a hardwood cap and/or handrail

One of the main reasons why standard staircases fall short is don’t to its lack of colour, or more importantly, contrast. Having contrast in your staircase is what gives it life and stocks it from becoming tired and old. Not only can the colour be contrasted but the texture, grain and materials as well, which is why a hardwood timber, against a painted staircase, sets your stairs off perfectly.

2. Update your spindles

A stair balustrade is the main highlight of any staircase. This is the section where the real variation and personalisation can take place, setting your stairs apart from others. The problem is because most staircases are standard, so are the spindles, which is why your stairs are bland. A new spindle will change the entire character of your stairs, have a look through the range of spindles that we stock and see if there’s anything that would fit in your staircase

3. Get a new feature step

The first impression of any staircase is literally the first step. The first step opens up the bottom of a flight of stairs by adjusting the newel and making the stairs feel wider. However, due to the ‘every expense spared’ mentality that goes into most stair building, your current staircase doesn’t have a feature step. A feature step can be added to your existing staircase, giving it a completely different feel at small expense.

4. A new finish

One of the main reasons that your staircase looks tired is that its existing paint/polish needs freshening up. Use as well as general wear and tear can cause marks and blemishes that make your stairs look cheap and under maintained, simply getting the stairs repainted or re-polished can transform your stairs with limited expenditure. As well as just cleaning up your stairs, you can also change the look of your stairs, instead of painting them white, why not try a matt grey. This adds an added layer of contrast to the stairs as they don’t just blend into the wall, instead that stand out from them.

5. Glass?

One of the most effective changes that you can make to your staircase, that will modify your hallway in a way to increase light and make the space feel more open at the same time is to change out your existing balustrade for glass. Glass allows for a completely new material to be used which along with colour and style is the most effective way to rejuvenate your stairs. Our glass is 10mm toughened, which gives you just as much strength as well as safety as spindles, with the added clarity.