Alternative Staircase Designs

Cut String

A cut string staircase is a classic design, synonymous with older properties with the manufacturing process being more traditional with the tread simply sitting on top of the stringer rather than being mortised inside of it. This method however, due to more modern manufacturing processes, has become the lesser used and indeed now being the more complicated. With the traditional nature cut string staircase now favour more intricate design feature such as decorative mouldings.

In the US however, cut string staircases are still very much the norm, especially in more prestigious homes with more modern uses of the cut string becoming more and more apparent. A simpler spindle has replaced the older more traditional alternative and even glass has become a possibility with more modern designs.

Finally the modern cut string staircase utilises contrast with the tread often contrasting the riser (most commonly white) creating a unique aesthetic.

Open Plan

Open plan staircase are a design of staircase whereby the riser is either shortened or it is entirely missing, allowing for people to be able to see through the staircase. This design has been common over the last 50 years when people are seeking a modern alternative to the standard design, often paired with different types of balustrade as the styles change.

Recently open plan staircases have been paired with glass further increase the light allowed to pass through a staircase, with the lack of balustrade and riser giving little interference when looking through the staircase. Usually an open plan staircase is used when the stairs interfere with living space in a home, if this is the case a staircase can be an eyesore making a room feel smaller in the process.

Central Spine

A central spine staircase, much like an open plan staircase, is a modern alternative to classic staircase designs. This design sees the stringer running through the centre rather than at the sides and the treads (similar to a cut string staircase) sit on top of the string rather than running through it.

A central spine staircase is one of the most modern staircase designs and looks great inside ultra-modern homes where design is key. Almost always paired with glass due to the modern aesthetic, any other balustrade who look almost inappropriate along this staircase.