Welsh Streets – Liverpool

One of the biggest needs for a bespoke made to measure staircase, in the building industry, comes when an existing property is being renovated. This is for two reasons:
1) The location of the staircase in the property is being moved to alter the living space, a new location is one that wasn’t originally intended to take a staircase, therefor the design needs to accolade this.
2) The second reason is that most of these properties predate the current staircase regulations and to to try and accommodate these regulations in a home that wasn’t designed with them in mind can prove difficult.
This situation Is one that is currently found in one of the biggest redevelopments in Liverpool, the welsh streets.

The welsh streets are an area of Liverpool, built in the 1870’s. These streets are nicknamed the welsh streets as a large quantity of these buildings where built by welsh migrants and the streets themselves bare the names of welsh towns and cities. Despite this historical significance, these streets have been left derelict, with a strong opposition to demolishing these homes due to there significance, making a use of these properties meant that they would be wholly redesigned and refurbished.

One of the aspects of the redesign was to convert the shells of these 400 homes into 290 bigger properties. These properties would need to be wholly re thought out with each house needing its own unique staircase, which not only fit the property perfectly but also built with quality materials.

On this project at Edwards & Hampson we are assisting by providing the stairs for these 290 properties. What is unique about our service for the Welsh streets is that we not only built each staircase, but individually measured each one as well. The service provided also includes a 10 day design and manufacture, where we arrive on site, measure and then deliver the stairs. This means that as the build is going on we can make sure we can facilitate there staircases as fast as possible.