Riverview – Oxford


For this project our client chose to renovate an existing period farm house, overlooking the river Thame, into a contemporary home that kept some of its traditional centrepieces. They wanted to create 360 views of the outdoors from their hallway, therefor a modern streamlined interior is necessary to create an open environment. At Edwards & Hampson we were tasked with creating a modern staircase that would fit with their design.


Finding the right timber for this properties staircase was not a difficult prospect, the property is already home to oak structural beams that gives the property its structure and also its character. Therefor the obvious decision was to have an oak staircase that matched the look and feel of the oak already used. An oak staircase also reaffirms this properties heritage, with oak being a staple among builders throughout the history of Britain.


In order to keep a minimal look to the property, frameless glass balustrade has been used throughout the staircase and landing areas in order to give the hallway a free flowing feel. The glass is 17.5mm laminated, which makes it both incredibly strong, as well as safe. The glass itself is drilled in place to the stringer of the staircase and also resin bonded on both sides. A second stringer then sits on top of the glass so that the holes, glue or bolts cannot be seen. This gives the impression that the glass is sitting on top of a solid stringer, as opposed to in-between a split stringer.


The Half landing of this staircase is not set against a wall, or propped up in any fashion. For that reason it is given a table top design, with newel posts providing the support for both the first and second flight. This design on most staircase is than boxed in to provide possible under stair storage, however creating a cupboard underneath the landing would all together defeat the purpose of having an open plan staircase, diminishing the large space driven aesthetic.


This staircase needs to be as minimal and open as possible in order to maximise the amount of light as well as space available. That is why for this project an open plan staircase is used. This features thin treads, with a glass stub rise, which keeps the staircase within regulations but also makes the treads feel as unobtrusive as possible.


This bespoke staircase was fitted over a period of four days, on site in Chearsley, Oxford with the staircase being manufactured at our headquarters in Liverpool.