Esher – London

One of the process we love at Edwards & Hampson is the design phase, it’s the part that allows us to be the most creative and see what we are truly capable of. Are ability to design and create is only limited by what it is our customers want us to create, which is why when we are given a bit of freedom when it comes to design we can truly create something special.

We were approached in create something that would act as the centrepiece to the home of two adjoining properties in Esher, which sits just outside of London. These needed to be of a condition and aesthetic that would enhance a pair of homes worth in Access of £4million each.  The design process gave us a chance to create something unique. This included:

  • Curved balustrading that slowly leans its way into the hallway
  • Glass balustrade the slowly curves with the staircase
  • Unique feature treads that are designed specially by us that emphasise the curve of the staircase and improve flow when moving between floors
  • Newels that are mitred into the handrail instead of meeting at 90 into the face, with a capping


The project was manufactured by ourselves then delivered to site in Esher, London where the staircase, glass balustrade and landing areas where installed over a period of five days between two identical houses. As the rest of the project began to take shape, with the living areas, master bedroom, gym and cinema room being of the highest quality, the hallway still became the biggest feature down purely to this feature staircase.

Esher Gallery