The benefits of bi-folding doors

Home interior styles and fashions have come a long way since  uPVC sliding patio doors were popular. The multitude of home improvement, self-build and renovation programmes on television have established a trend for bi-folding doors, and at Edwards and Hampson we of course make ours from solid timber.

As a bespoke joinery manufacturer, here at Edwards and Hampson are able to create quality bi-folds in any style, size or species of timber. We can even pre-finish and completely pre-assemble the system so that installation is as straight forward as possible should you decide to arrange fitting yourself. We manufacture and supply across all parts of the UK, for both domestic and commercial customers.

So what are the benefits of deciding on timber bi-folding doors?

Well, they bring a greater sense of space than sliding patio doors, opening up completely to truly bring your outdoor space into the home.  It’s like gaining a whole new room!

They are perfect for entertaining, giving a real “wow” factor- especially on a warm Summer evening, when they also help bring more air into your home to keep temperatures cool.

Bi-folding doors give children more access to garden areas; you can keep an eye on them from your living room without frames and doors in the way.

They add value to your property and give it a refreshing new look, they are a modest investment that will more than pay for itself.

In addition, if you choose Edwards and Hampson bi-folding doors, we manufacture the doors to fit your preferred opening and pre-assemble the whole system. We can even pre-finish, and if you wish, install everything for you. Simple!

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