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  • curved walnut staircase with glass

    Welcome To a New EHJoinery

    At Edwards & Hampson we are always looking to reinvent the way in which we interact with our customers. This is why we have revamped our current website and… Read more »

    curved walnut staircase with glass

    Esher – London

    One of the process we love at Edwards & Hampson is the design phase, it’s the part that allows us to be the most creative and see what we… Read more »

    terrace house

    Philharmonic Rise – Liverpool

    Liverpool is a city that exudes heritage. Whether it be the docklands running along the Mersey, the blend of architecture of the city centre or simply the people, who… Read more »

    glass staircase balustrade with chrome

    Are Glass Staircases Safe?

    The use of glass as a building material has become more and more prevalent over the past years, with its transparent qualities not just being utilized in doors and… Read more »

    five sided window

    Timber Window Sustainability

    Sustainability is now a huge issue on a global scale. Across the planet, governments and their populations are increasingly aware of their impact upon the environment and are looking… Read more »