What is special about our commercial service?

At Edwards & Hampson we offer a unique and helpful service to all of our trade customers, whether it be large housing developments, loft conversion specialists, architects or general builders we have services tailor made for you. Our history as, not as businessmen, but as joiners allows us to know what makes your job easier.

How we are tailor made for:

Loft Conversions
One of our specialities at Edwards & Hampson is not just manufacturing stairs, but designing stairs. When adding a loft conversion to a two story house, you wont have a standard stairwell to position the stairs, which means that in order to get a full flight of stairs that complies to building regulations, you need an expert who can arrive on site and in minutes find you the perfect flight, not just for you but for your customers.

One of our clients, utilise lofts, who we have worked with for the past 10 years, have relied on us to turn there stairs around in under 5 days as we know that there builds relay heavily on getting the stairs made and fitted fast so that the other aspects of the job can be completed on time.

Housing Developments
When working on large scale developments, the most important factor needed from your suppliers is an on time service, which gives you peace of mind that other elements of the build will not be held up by the stairs. We offer a 7-10 day turnaround on all staircases (depending on quantity) keeping your site running like clockwork.

As well as a speedy manufacture, we aim to get a surveyor to site between 3-4 working day, who can take sizes and find the measurements necessary in order to manufacture and deliver the stairs. From initial enquiry to site survey to delivery is therefor done as quickly as possible.

One of the companies that relies on us for their staircases are Placefirst construction. There development in Toxteth Liverpool is unique in that it seeks to restore one of the most historical streets in Liverpool back to its former glory. With the homes being so old, the stairwells need adjusting to comply with current regulations, which is why they utilised our skill in designing stairs to get the best possible flight.

Our biggest pride as staircase manufacturers is out body of work. Working on thousands of staircases with projects ranging from classical staircases for grand period properties to Modern staircases in contemporary new build homes. With this experience we can help architects with there projects, enabling them to build a staircase that looks amazing, complies to building regulations and gives the customer what they are after.

Trading for almost 50 years, at Edwards & Hampson we have a strong relationship with local to reginal builders, who don’t look at us like suppliers but indeed partners. This is because they know they can call on us when they need there staircase quickly and too a good quality. Along with supplying staircases we can also be called upon to provide advise, assisting them in their job making it as cost effective as possible

Trade Staircases