Which Staircase Is the Best Staircase for You?

When it comes to the features in a home that make a statement, staircases are something that many of us take for granted. They’re used everyday and could be the greatest focal point in the home with some help from the experts. In some cases, the staircase can be the first thing you see when you enter a home, giving even more reason to ensure it’s not an eyesore. If you’ve resided in your home for a number of years and feel there’s something that needs to change, then this could be your answer. However, there are quite a few styles to choose from, so let’s get you clued up on all the different types…

Spiral Staircases:

Spiral staircases can transform any home, a beautiful look that uses minimum space. With a range of materials to choose from, a spiral staircase could bring a fairytale element or a contemporary look.

Glass Stairwells:

A glass staircase is a great way to maintain a minimal and open space. By using glass, the transparency keeps the space light and doesn’t darken a room. Maybe your home is made up of three levels? A glass staircase can allow the stairs to ‘float’ between levels.

 Open Staircases:

Looking for a design that’s sleek and minimal? An open staircase could be perfect. They are well known to look both modern and sophisticated. Many decide on a styling that makes the staircase almost seem like it’s floating, you can achieve this with a metal handrail paired with glass sides.

Double Staircases:

If your staircase is at the front of your home, a double staircase could be the best option for you. Having two staircases leading to a landing on opposite sides of the room can look extremely grand, especially if they’re adjacent to the front door of your home. You can guarantee that this will be the first thing that any visitor sees when they visit your home.

Sweeping Staircases:

Do you have a family home with lots of space? A sweeping staircase could be the statement it needs. The stairs on a sweeping staircase feel much wider due to a gradual incline when compared with other styles.

Staircases with Customised Railings:

For a truly unique type of staircase, a customised railing allows you to create your own design. This design could be something simple or if you’re really looking for a stand out feature then you could do something totally different.

 There are so many different designs and styles of staircases, it can be a little daunting to say the least. Luckily that’s why there’s companies out there to assist you right from the point of design. Edwards & Hampton Joinery have years of experience in their field, and offer a free consultation. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with them today and see if your home can be transformed.