Benefits Of Accoya

Never heard of Accoya? Neither did I until a year ago, and neither did the world 10 years ago. Now this timber seems like it can finally compete with the UPVC industry, which has been adorning homes in shiny plastic since the 80’s. Question is why should you consider Accoya?

Dimensionally Stable

Swelling and shrinkage in Accoya is 75% less likely than other timbers, this means that is much more suitable for items such as windows, doors and gates. This fact is emphasised by the 50-year guarantee on Accoya when it is above ground and a 25-year guarantee when it is submerged in water. This stability makes Accoya perfect for coating and leads to an ideal surface for decoration, leaving with an ideal finish, whether it be clear, white or a stain.

Rot Resistant

As well as being resistant to movement, Accoya is also resistant to rot. The process that Accoya goes through removes all the moisture in the timber, which in turn prevents rot from setting into the timber. This makes Accoya perfect for items which can be in constant contact with moisture, such as decking.

Insect Resistant

Accoya is indigestible to a wide range of insects, including termites, this greatly reduces the likelihood of insect attack compared to other wood species.

High Standard of Insulation

Due to the unique way in which it is made, Accoya offers a better standard of insulation than most other softwood and hardwoods. This means that when combined with quality double glazing, you get a window that saves you money over time.

From a sustainable source

Accoya is made from a timber that is sourced from sustainable forests and also grows phenomenally quick, allowing for a constant replenishment of forests that are used to make the wood with new younger trees.