Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-Fold doors act as an almost immediate way to remove the barriers between yourself and the outside world, changing your house from a safe haven in the winter, to a free flowing environment in the summer.

As you see below, outfitting your house with Bi-Fold doors give you home a different feel, with our bespoke range you can have bi-folds of any shape and design to remove a whole section of the wall and have an altogether different space.

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Internal Bi-Folding Doors

Internal bi-folding doors can be a unique asset to any house hold, creating a temporary barrier between two rooms, whilst being able to at a moment’s notice create one large expanse by opening them up. Internal bi-fold doors are different in that the bottom rail is in fact embedded into the floor so that there is no step or sill that would interfere movement between the rooms, making them as unobtrusive as possible and indeed creating one large room.