Timber Sash

There are few window styles that can compete with the character and proven quality of timber sash windows. Sliding sash or “Box Sash Windows” as they are commonly called have been one of the most popular timber frame windows for centuries. Their method of construction and ease of operation have lasted the test of time and the box sash continues to be one of the most popular choices today. Most commonly installed in large architectural buildings and traditional style houses, although their popularity has seen both self build project managers and major construction companies using the sash window to add character to their new developments. 


Despite their age of design, little has changed in the construction methods of the box sash window. The original weights and cord operation is still as successful for the balanced opening of either or both sashes, and there are also modern spring balanced systems available as an alternative. 


Although construction methods have largely remained the same, there have been some notable improvements. All new timber sash windows are now fully double glazed with energy saving glass, the parting beads between sashes have brush guides for a smoother action with no rattling (which also give better insulation) and deeper rebates to accommodate the thicker double glazing means that we can offer beaded glazing rather than putty pointing. 


Although we use all the original methods and designs of traditional timber sash windows we manufacture every box timber sash window using modern CNC machinery that is accurate to within 1/10th of a millimetre. So all of our customers can rest assured their windows will be of the absolute highest quality. 


If your property or project could benefit from installing traditional sash windows don’t hesitate to contact us or call in and view sample windows in our showroom.

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