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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to manufacture - Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to manufacture and deliver most staircases between 3 - 7 working days, 

Do your staircases come pre-treated - we do not pre-treat our stairs as standard but we can organise them to be treated on site which provides the best environment for applying wood finishes.

Do you deliver nationwide? - Yes

Do you have an installation service? - Yes, we have a dedicated installation service for all of our staircases, windows and doors.

Will our staircase conform to regulations? - All of our staircases are manufactured to UK building regulations as standard and any information required on building regulations can be given upon request.

How can I receive a quote for my staircase? - Simply fill out one of our staircase design forms and you will be contacted by a member of our design team.

Do you do staircase refurbishments - Yes, if your staircase is still suitable and still structurally sound we have a range of different ways in which your staircase can be refurbished and modernised. 

Will you measure our staircase? - Yes of course. as joiners with years of joinery experience we will measure your staircase and find the best design and shape to suit your house. For loft conversion staircase we find ways to get the biggest possible staircases in the smallest of spaces. 

Staircase Terminology 

As experts in our field, sometimes we forget that we use technical language that might confuse you. if anything is unclear in your quotation please refer to our guide.

Overall Rise - The measurement taken from the floor the staircase begins at, to the floor the staircase finishes at.

Riser - Risers make up the vertical part of a step, these can be taken out in open plan staircases to increase light.

Overall Going - The depth of the staircase 

Going - The depth of an individual step 

Treads - These are the part of a staircase that you actually step on.

Step - This is the combination of both a tread and a riser.

Handrail - This makes up the top of a staircase balustrading. Some types of staircase, mainly with free standing glass, handrails are not present. 

Baserail - This makes up the base of a balustrade, where your spindles are inserted. 

Stringer - These are the elements of a staircase that enclose and support a staircase, they can be outer or iner stringer depending on whether they are against a wall. 

Spindle - These are the small vertical posts that make up the main section of a balustrading, they can be made with elaborate patterns or simplistic and modern designs.

Newel Posts - These are the larger posts that support your handrail. Newel posts are generally located at positions where your staircase changes direction or elevation.

Newel Capping’s - These are the square objects the sit on top of newels, they are mainly decorative in purpose.

Under Carriage - This is the underside of the staircase. This is where you will find the glue blocks and wedges that support and hold the rise and tread in place. As standard this under-carriage is left bare but we can provide for wood panels to be put in place.

French Polishing - This is the process of adding a protective coating to your staircase after it is installed. this can either be a clear coating or a different colour altogether.