"Wooden Window Revival"

by Scott Edwards

The emergence of UPVC had virtually pushed timber windows into obscurity over the last fifteen years. The promise of greater security, “No maintenance” and plastic being a cheaper material resulted in the majority of homeowners and all manner of builders making UPVC their window of choice.

However, the classic wooden window is now making a strong comeback. The strength, security, durability and insulation provided by timber windows have greatly improved. High performance locking systems have taken care of security issues whilst long lasting coatings and timbers such as “Accoya” (with a 60 year guarantee) have helped dispel fears over durability. Even though there was such a shift toward UPVC, people never really fell out of love with wood. The UPVC industry did it’s best to offer look-alike finishes such as “Rosewood” and “Golden Oak”, but, as with any product………YOU JUST CAN’T BEAT THE REAL THING!

Fortunately, even the most popular wooden window of all time (The sliding sash) now incorporates high insulating double glazing, smooth-action opening and secure locking without losing any of its much loved features. The traditional timber sash window has proven to be one of the most sought after features by homebuyers. Developers have obviously noticed this as many of them are now incorporating the “Box Sash” in their build designs.

Environmentally, wooden windows are also a much friendlier option. Not only is timber both a sustainable and natural resource, it’s also reusable as a fuel. Businesses are now being urged to use biomass energy as a heat source in the workplace to reduce the stress on fossil fuel consumption. Also timber is biodegradable and can be put into landfill without any worry of effects to the local environment. The same cannot be said for other such materials.

Ultimately the consumer will make the call, but products that can be constructed from a beautiful, natural and sustainable source will always have an added edge.

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