New Windows

by Scott Edwards

For the appearance and security of any building, its windows and doors are of utmost importance. Fortunately the householder and end consumer today has a far more reliable and wider choice range than ever before.

The most important factors for anyone having new windows are cost, and a style that’s in keeping with the character of their property. Anyone who is constricted by a tight budget should focus mainly upon upvc. The modern upvc windows are well constructed, secure and still relatively cost effective because the upvc market has the most supplier competition. Although white upvc is by far the most common window, wood grain effect windows in rosewood mahogany and golden oak are also available in upvc plastic. These are more expensive but give added character and weather a little better than the white option.

Aluminium windows were first installed into timber framing surrounds, but nowadays the modern powder coated aluminium windows are a stand alone item that are most commonly used in contemporary homes and commercial buildings. Aluminium is certainly at the more expensive end of the cost scale but probably the most suitable for extremely modern and contemporary homes. These windows certainly do not look like a natural product by any means, and they’re not meant to, but they can be powder coated to any colour and have unquestionable durability.

Having new windows constructed from timber gives the greatest variation of options. Timber does have a budget range but the majority of manufacturers will recommend medium or high quality hardwoods which provide maximum durability to the elements. From all three options, timber is the only natural product, which in itself is extremely appealing. New timber windows can also be moulded and shaped into a range of styles and are by far the most suitable for traditional or period buildings, although the flexibility to mould the timber to any preferred style means that timber can be used for new windows in any building or home. Obviously the natural element means that new timber windows will require treatment every 3-5 years. However, the high quality modern paint and lacquer applications have improved dramatically and are extending this timescale dramatically.

Regardless of the material or style that is chosen to construct new windows in, the finished article should provide reliable security, a total seal from the elements and enhance the character and value of the property they occupy.

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