Staircase Design Service: What's Involved?

by Scott Edwards

Although we often manufacture staircases to the design specifications of architects, builders, project managers and individual homeowners, we also offer a full in-house design service which is backed up by the latest in 2D and 3D stair CAD software.

When designing a staircase the first thing to consider is the configuration or layout of the new flight. This ensures that the staircase will occupy the intended space without encroaching upon walkways or doorways, whilst also conforming to Parts K and M of current building regulations, which cover staircases and balustrades. It’s during this process that the stair width, pitch, clear headroom, step height and foot-space will be determined. 2D and 3D CAD drawings of the proposed flight are then generated to provide an exact plan and layout prior to manufacture. These drawings confirm to all involved parties that the new flight has been configured correctly, and that the space the flight occupies, and the areas it will serve have all been taken into consideration before production commences.

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