by Scott Edwards

The options for modernising your stairs are more wide and varied than you may realise. Fortunately there are a number of companies possessing the skills to turn your existing staircase into a feature of your home. Coincidentally, the popularity of modern contemporary living has assisted the development of many new designs, meaning any home with a staircase can benefit from a design that adds character and value.

If removing your existing staircase is a daunting prospect, or outside of your available budget, its best to focus on what can be done to change the appearance of what you already have. Almost any staircase can be remodelled with a little creativity, vision and the right professionals to carry out the work. Initial makeovers of existing stairs were, and still are undertaken by cutting and drilling the newel posts, then inserting turned newels, new spindles and handrails. Although, there is much more that you can do besides. Your existing stairs can be totally covered so that they look brand new, including your steps and strings (side of stairs). Glass, chrome, stainless steel, and even stone can be incorporated for homeowners that want a modern or contemporary staircase that flows with their overall design concept. The key is to make sure you employ the right people with relevant experience to carry out such an overhaul. There are plenty of highly skilled people who can do this sort of work, but ensure you ask to see examples of their previous workmanship before making a decision.

If your existing stairs are beyond improvement, or the cost of a full overhaul is becoming overly expensive, then it may be time to consider a complete replacement. Once you reach a certain point in overhauling an existing flight of stairs, the labour costs of covering everything can easily exceed what you will pay for a totally new staircase. Although some companies can provide both services, make sure that you directly employ experienced staircase manufacturers when choosing the completely new option. There are many considerations when totally replacing stairs, and the most experienced manufacturers may be able to greatly improve upon the existing configuration. Obviously when you completely replace, your design options increase significantly. You may want to create more light and space by having an open rise, incorporate different materials for specific parts of the flight, create your own unique design, or prefer a certain species or mixture of solid timbers. All are possible with a brand new staircase.

Besides being well constructed in your preferred style and materials, the best stair configurations have a pitch that affords a pleasant journey travelling both up and down, minimal angled steps in it's landings (Known as kite steps), plenty of headroom, and a generous overall width that dosen't encroach or become overbearing to the occupied area.

Although it’s important to have the design that most appeals to you, it’s also advisable to ensure that any new staircase fits with the character of a property, and is able to accommodate decorative changes. While it’s fine to change your wallpaper, furniture and colour scheme on a fairly regular basis, doing the same with your stairs is an expense you cannot recoup. So be careful of “FAD” designs that change like the wind, especially if you don’t plan on staying in the property for the next 5-10 years.

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